Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Petit Albert Fine Press Edition: Pre-order Now!

For those of you anxiously awaiting a fine binding edition of one of my many works, the time has come at last; Ouroboros Press (whose works I have seen and highly applaud) is currently in the process of having 1,500 copies of the Petit Albert bound up; pre ordering is currently available, with the edition slated for April.

The Petit Albert requires little introduction; its treatise on the Hand of Glory alone makes it a notorious work; for those less versed in its content, it ranges from the talismanic arts, to a bit of alchemy, to folk remedies, to the extremely strange love and sex ritualism of the 18th century (at one point it suggests a way to literally restore virginity!) A must-have for the occultist, this work echoes beyond its era well into modernity but has not been, to my knowledge, released in anything other than paperback or electronic format prior. Having already released a paperback edition of this work, it was important that something more lasting, more attractive, be created.

As a folkish work the magick here is less about elaborate rituals than about simplistic ones; those interested in black magick will find plenty of lore here for their perusal and those interested in literature itself will find that this particular publisher has produced a number of widely applauded editions in the past; notably the Book of St. Germaine.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Gunpowder As A War Remedy (1915)

This strange work was written by John H Clarke, a rather colorful individual- a nationalist, doctor, and homeopath, in 1915.

It revolves around the apparent medicinal action of triple-titrated gunpowder- indeed, gunpowder, as a sulfurous material (early, black powder, as opposed to modern gunpowder types) is quite good at destroying bacteria. Charcoal itself is inert, while sulfur and saltpeter tend to be rather unfortunate surfaces for any microorganism to find itself in contact with.

It should be obviously stated that I do not condone the use of gunpowder elixirs to treat exposure to sewer gas or any other ailment.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

I'll Be Cleaning Up and Reformatting This Blog

Over the next few days I hope to completely overhaul the design of this blog to reflect my newer standards of usefulness. It will take some time; obviously the sort of groups and sites which I support have also changed over time as well, so a major change in links will also occur.