Saturday, September 24, 2016

I'll Be On Red Ice Radio Tonight, Show Live at 5PM EST

I will be speaking briefly on the topic of memetics, occult synchronicity, and the alt-right (so termed) tonight on Red Ice Radio- an interesting media order which follows a less MSM-style format than some; the show begins live at 5PM Eastern/2PM Pacific. When I specifically call in through skype is as yet undetermined.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Officer-Involved Shooting Flowchart

Every time someone is shot by police while happening to be black, "racism" is the rallying cry of every SJW and BLM "activist" in this fine nation. To help their meager brain cell count cope with trying to reason their way through each such incident to determine whether it actually rises to the level of racism and isn't something else I decided to make this handy little flowchart.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Sickness In Hell Will Soon Be Reality

After almost a decade of waiting I have finally begun the process of editing and partly re-writing "Sickness in Hell" into novel form. This originally 25-chapter work has to be slimmed down, reworked for grammar and flow, and is currently about 10% done with the epilogue and first three chapters complete- these first three mostly segue into the story and are thus shorter than most subsequent chapters.

I am extremely proud of this work already, and I have rather high standards for my authored releases- even more so than the edited ones.

For those here who may not be aware you can purchase any of my literary works on my literature blog. On the left hand side are four links to four categories of edited works (all of which pertain to the occult) while on the right hand side are tabs for my own authored releases.

I haven't forgotten that I need to rework this, the Hail the Werewolf blog, into a more Youtube-linked format, while creating the final archive of the occult works which I have scanned into publicly available, free form.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

The Coming Era: Phase III of Styxhexendom

As some may have noticed I have not posted much here recently and have deleted roughly 200 blog posts. Don't worry- the blog will always be here; I am reformulating it to be more directly linked to my own Youtube content as a second platform for that selfsame material.

Meanwhile, there is the issue of the occult archive- at long last I have the money necessary to expand the same; and this blog is now insufficient for that. As such, I have decided to dedicate this blog's future to news, political content, social content, and general spiritual banter, while eventually moving the entire list of occult works to a new blog which I will construct solely for the archive, which will then be slowly expanded over time well beyond its current size.

After two years of hard work, my efforts have begun to pay off (not just in terms of money, but attention overall) and it is time to branch out and grow my platform once more.


Saturday, January 16, 2016

The Petit Albert, English Edition, Now Available!

And now the moment you've all been waiting for- or at least those of you gobbling up all the occult literature you can find.

The Petit Albert is perhaps the best of all grimoires; longer and more in depth than the Red Dragon, more diabolical (at times) than the Grimorium Verum, and significantly more refined than the Black Pullet for talismanic workings. Unfortunately, until today editions of this same work have fallen into three categories; those in the original French (useless to most of the English speaking occult world), limited English editions, often expensive, which often seem to make wild claims notably that it was the "Grimoire of Marie Laveau", and ebook-only editions that seem never to allow a preview; that this may indicate a lower quality product is clear.

As such I took the liberty of translating, editing, and illustrating this edition myself line by line- my French skills are intermediate with regards to written material (and far less than intermediate in speech!) but it wasn't particularly difficult- the similarities of the French language to English made it simple to translate the headers of each section and proceed from there with help from a French-English dictionary and copious amounts of caffeine. I have held the price of the edition down specifically because I want my name associated with what might be the first "good" English release of the work.

The content can be roughly arranged into the following; passages with folk rites (mostly medicinal), alchemical passages with a utilitarian purpose in mind, and talismans. The talismans include as well an extremely simplistic expose on planets, days, and hours, and associate with a variety of perfumes (fumigation) used to consecrate the symbols themselves. While some of the chemical workings here are blatantly hazardous (the work admits this, especially where it suggests cooking with arsenic!) most are fairly easy to understand. We even see here recipes for what we might amusingly consider fertilizer among other things, and the use of saltpeter as a medicine is rampant.

It's origin appears to have centered around a person or person's at the time which compiled material both domestic and foreign, old (at the time) and then-modern. I make the claim here that this represents the first truly cosmopolitan grimoire; we see many of them in the modern age; many of the recently authored works we see from some of the occult publishing firms of the world combine, for example, Vedic spiritual systems with western esotericism- which is decried by purists and applauded by many a modern mage. Opinions aside on the subject it hardly matters whether the reader even believes in the occult, because the academic, here, can clearly see a cross section of the early enlightenment period and the cosmopolitan nature present in this literature, drawing its inspiration from (and explicitly crediting some of the material to) rites and practices from around Europe and beyond.

I've now edited a great many occult works from the Renaissance and Enlightenment periods and released them, and after the translating was finished for the Petit Albert I think this may be the finest of them all.

Post copied from my literature blog here.

Monday, November 23, 2015

The Zaum of Zeena

Image from Zeena Schreck Official on Facebook.

"The Zaum of Zeena" published by Frank Haines is available now; there are very few copies of the first edition left, and I'll probably be purchasing one shortly, to read, collect, and review the work.

As a collection of interviews, images, and quotes, it delves into things related to Zeena Schreck's work; that oft-misunderstood topic which people often treat as "She was Anton LaVey's daughter, right?"

I look forwards to reading it, whether in first edition form or not. A review of the material is, thus, forthcoming here.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Grimoire Editions For Sale on Amazon

I figured it was about time I began posting here yet anew; between writing and editing books, making videos, managing two other blogs, working outdoors, and the other things that occupy my time, this blog has been neglected for a while. Oddly, though, hundreds of people are still visiting it every day, partly, it seems, for the pdf files regarding the occult.

For those who want a more hands-on, tangible occult work, I have here a short collection of edited works which I have been making for two years now; these are not grimoires I wrote myself but rather editions of prior works, often from the Renaissance and occasionally antiquity itself. I decided after reviewing a host of works already on Amazon that there was an enormous niche market currently not being catered to; people who want relatively inexpensive grimoires and occult materials but which want them to actually look good; up until my efforts with these releases many such materials were merely poorly photocopied older editions with a foreword slapped on haphazardly and an editors' name crudely applied to a work with a blank cover; cheap yes, but not well made and hardly useful for the practitioner. All of these works have been re-edited line by line, completely retyped, with new covers and often the de-antiquation of language involved; translating old English into modern speech so that a new generation can understand the works. The titles are links which take you to the Amazon page for each work; these are physical, paperback editions, not pdfs, and I have deliberately held the price down as far as I am able in order to bring these classic works to a deserving audience.This listing is mirrored on the Tarl Warwick Books blog.

The Grand Grimoire

Generally referred to as the "Red Dragon"- one of several titles competing for the infamous label, but this is the most diabolical of them, containing a bit of a folky aside and several statements which indicate its steganographic quality; a philosophical manuscript written against European governance and monarchy in general as well as the clergy. Its numerous references to taboo and black occultism are appreciated by those who have no qualms about karmic effects.

The Testament of Solomon

A rather nice work, straight out of the Solomonic Cycle which compiles a sort of Enochian retelling of the building of the Temple at Jerusalem and includes an early allusion to the sort of magick ring Solomon used to bind demons; the story is treated as one part historical context and one part moral tale.

The Grimoire of Pope Honorius

Another Solomonic work, also known as Liber Juratis. A typical shorter-length grimoire based on astronomy and numbering the days and other celestial movement.

The Black Pullet

One of the more "recent" works in the general scope of grimoires, a purported Napoleonic-Era work derived from a French soldier who is saved by a Turkish mage from arabic attackers and learns the talismanic arts.

Corpus Hermeticum

Also called the Divine Pymander (or Poemander)- a series of dialogue-based philosophical discussions held between Hermes Trismegistus and various other figures, detailing the structure and functions of what would now be classed as natural and physical science.

Sepher Yetzirah

An important and early Kabbalistic work dwelling on divine numbering systems and the Hebraic alphabet.

Sepher Bahir

Another kabbalistic work of note.

The Notary Art of Solomon

A Solomonic grimoire of the utmost kind sometimes included (either under this name or Ars Nova) with some editions of the Lesser Keys of Solomon. The more noted versions leave it absent.

The Arbatel of Magick

A series of prayers which form a practice system astonishingly similar to Victorian christian prayer systems for the same generally protective purpose; to remove disease, and so forth.

The Chaldean Oracles (And Hypostasis)

A pair of short Gnostic philosophical writings I combined to make it worth the listing price; the two combined provide a substantial introductory basis to the entire Gnostic philosophical path.


An extensive and intricate calendar and number based system of magick.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

After the Ashes: Surviving the Coming Nuclear War

For those who have observed any of my more apocalyptic content, the issue has been on my mind for some time; observing the proxy wars and militarism spreading across the world does not make me hopeful for the future. To be sure, I am not predicting the certainty of a nuclear war in the immediate future, but merely an inevitable nuclear exchange of some time in the future; it could happen tomorrow or it could break out twenty years from now. The inevitability of nuclear war spurred me on to write this guide to survival. I realized that most extant guides are really more about how to survive a nuclear war and not how to persist and reorganize society after it has already happened.

This work solves that problem. It is 124 pages of post-apocalyptic material; it dwells first on why a nuclear war at some time in the future is probable (and perhaps imminent) rather than unlikely, then goes on not to just tell you to stockpile a few months' of canned goods and some iodine but to instruct on how to make life easier once reorganization begins- as it necessarily will. It also contains the basics of sanitation and waste disposal which most overlook as important, as well as suggesting outside material (such as Seton's excellent Book of Woodcraft and encourages the reader to study up on making other necessities such as soap and toothpaste which might be overlooked by anyone in such a war.

Beyond this it also gives philosophy regarding atomic war; especially how to hopefully avoid rearmament after such a war and why isolationism will not work for any group or person who wishes to survive very long and eventually see a brighter future. I recommend it alongside Seton's work and any other relevant information on electronics, food production, and various other types of labor (canning, pickling, fire making, construction, medicine) which would be important after the ashes fall.

This is the only book I will ever likely release with a glossy, bright cover- this was intentional, as after any nuclear exchange electricity will not be widespread and the readers' copy should be as reflective as possible so it can be found with haste should it be needed.